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Obesity can cause a whole host of health conditions, including heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. If you’re struggling with weight loss, call the experienced team at De Castro & Basit, MDs, in Hanford, California. Dr. Jacqueline G. De Castro and Dr. Jasper F. Basit are expert primary care and aesthetic physicians who can help every member of your family learn healthier eating habits and lose pounds. The doctors take a whole-person approach to weight loss to improve your quality of life. Call for an appointment or book online.

Weight Loss Q & A

How can a doctor help me lose weight?

If weight loss were simple, everyone would be at a healthy weight. While burning more calories than you take in and eating healthy foods can certainly help you lose weight and get in shape, there may be more to it.

Drs. De Castro and Basit take a holistic approach to weight loss. They determine if any underlying health conditions may be making it hard for you to lose weight. They also evaluate your overall health to make sure it’s safe for you to begin a weight-loss program.

If cleared, your doctor customizes a weight-loss plan based on your individual needs, such as how much weight you need to lose, how active you are, and whether you have any existing health conditions like diabetes or any nutritional concerns like food allergies.

If you have a lot of weight to lose, but don’t know where to begin, consulting with one of the caring, knowledgeable doctors at De Castro & Basit, MDs, is an excellent place to start.

How quickly will I lose weight?

Before you embark on any weight-loss program, it’s important to be in the right mindset. Most people want instant weight-loss results, but that’s not the most realistic or healthiest way to go about it. You need to make a commitment to changing your lifestyle in a positive way that includes healthier nutritional choices and increased activity.

The goal of a new weight-loss program isn’t just to help you lose weight, but also to be able to adopt a healthier overall lifestyle you can maintain long term. Losing weight has numerous health benefits, so it’s something you’ll want to do over time, rather than as a quick fix.

What are the health benefits of weight loss?

In addition to helping you look and feel your best, losing weight has so many health benefits, including:

  • Lowering your blood pressure
  • Lowering your risk of diabetes
  • Lowering cholesterol
  • Lowering your risk of certain cancers
  • Decreasing joint pain
  • Decreasing risk of stroke
  • Reducing back pain
  • Reducing sleep apnea symptoms
  • Increasing your energy levels

When you’re physically healthier, you often feel better about yourself and have a renewed self-image.

If you need help kicking off a weight-loss plan, there’s no better time to begin than right now. Call the De Castro & Basit, MDs, office to schedule a consultation or use the online booking system.