Sports Physicals

Sports physicals are done to determine if you or your child is healthy enough for organized sports.

What Are Sports Physicals?

Sports physicals are done to determine if you or your child is healthy enough for organized sports. Instead of focusing on overall health, this exam focuses on one’s ability to perform a certain type of activity. It is not as comprehensive as other physicals and it should not be used to replace your yearly physical. Schools often require sports physicals before children are allowed to join a team to ensure their safety and overall health. Drs. De Castro and Basit recommend getting a sports physical before you or your child begins a new competitive season.


What Can I Expect During a Sports Physical?

The appointment will start off very similar to a general physical, but your provider will also record height and weight. A basic vision exam may also be ordered. Once this information has been collected (all of your health information, including the results of any lab work), the paperwork can be completed and you or your child may be medically cleared to participate. Many sports organizations require that this be completed in the pre-participation phase before the league or games have started.

Drs. De Castro or Basit may ask questions about medications you or your child are currently taking if you’ve/they’ve ever been hospitalized, and whether you/they have allergies or suffered past sports injuries.

Why Are Sports Physicals Important?

Sports physicals are important because they can not only clear you or your child for organized sports, but they can also shed light on any pre-existing health issues that may prevent you from playing a sport. For example, if you have asthma, you may need prescription medication or an inhaler to keep it under control on the playing field. Additionally, Drs. De Castro and Basit can provide you or your child with ways to keep safe, before, during, and after the game, such as through stretches and strengthening exercise recommendations.

Another benefit of a sports physical is that it can help keep previous injuries, such as sprains or fractures, from recurring. You should discuss previous injuries with your provider during your exam so they can help you prevent the same injury from happening this season.

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