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Delivering babies and going through menopause can leave vaginal tissue looser than it once was, and cause pain and discomfort during your most intimate moments. Dr. Jacqueline G. De Castro and Dr. Jasper F. Basit are compassionate primary care and aesthetic physicians at De Castro & Basit, MDs, in Hanford, California, who provide female patients with the latest laser technology for vaginal revitalization. The MonaLisa Touch® laser system is a safe, nonsurgical treatment for women who wish to rejuvenate vaginal tissue. To learn more about vaginal revitalization, call to schedule a consultation or make an appointment online.

Vaginal Revitalizaiton Q & A

What is vaginal revitalization?

Vaginal revitalization treatments help restore vaginal tissue after childbirth or the changes of menopause. These changes that often negatively impact a woman’s intimate life and overall quality of life include:

  • Increased vaginal laxity
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Decreased vaginal lubrication
  • Decreased sexual sensation

Loose vaginal tissue and decreased lubrication often lead to painful sex and other problems. Vaginal rejuvenation – both surgical procedures and nonsurgical treatments – can help tighten loose vaginal tissue, increase lubrication, and improve mild urinary incontinence symptoms.

How does nonsurgical vaginal revitalization improve symptoms?

At De Castro & Basit, MDs, the doctors use the latest technology in nonsurgical vaginal revitalization. The MonaLisa Touch laser treatment is a safe procedure that only takes about five minutes to complete in the doctor’s office. Laser energy heats vaginal tissue to a controlled temperature so it stimulates new collagen production deep within the tissue.

Your body’s natural reaction to the thermal energy is to continue to produce new collagen cells over time. As a result, loose vaginal tissue becomes firmer and natural lubrication increases. Tighter vaginal tissue also helps reduce urinary incontinence problems and helps make sex more pleasurable again.

What can I expect with a MonaLisa Touch treatment?

MonaLisa Touch treatments are well-tolerated and there’s no downtime. During the procedure, your doctor uses a small probe to deliver laser energy to the soft vaginal tissue. Side effects are minimal, if any, although you may need to refrain from sex for a couple days after treatment.

For optimal results, most women need 1-3 treatments, but your doctor customizes a plan based on your individual needs and desired outcome. You may notice a difference after a single treatment, and your symptoms may continue to improve in the weeks that follow, as new collagen cells continue to regenerate.

If you’re unhappy with the changes you’ve experienced after vaginal deliveries or menopause, there’s something you can do about it. Nonsurgical MonaLisa Touch treatments can help revitalize vaginal tissue, alleviate unpleasant symptoms, and restore your self-confidence. Find out if vaginal rejuvenation is right for you.

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